Crochet Zig Zag Blanket Pattern Free

If you have seen enough of my patterns, you must know how much I love color change within a pattern. So naturally, looking at knit Picks Brava yarn I’ve purchased on a whim, I decided to make a pretty, girly, colorful blanket. It turned out so soft and cuddly! Actually looks so good folded up on my gray couch, that I’m tempted to use up some yarn I have, and make it as a throw blanket for my own living room. It definitely looks modern and brightens up a space.
You can skip reading my nonsence and just download the pattern: download now

Sport weight yarn: Knit Picks Brava Sport in 4 colors:

-Lady Slipper

Crochet hook 5.5 mm Amour Crochet Hook Set

Gauge in pattern: 5 puff stitches and 7 rows in 4×4 inches

To make a newborn size baby blanket:

  • Size 22×22 inches (56×56 centimetres)
  • You will need: 1140 yards (1040 meters) of yarn in total
  • Starting chain 83, make 38 rows

To make a crib size baby blanket:

  • Size 35×35 inches (90×90 centimetres)
  • You will need: 2890 yards (2420 meters) of yarn in total
  • Starting chain 128, make 60 rows

To make an adult size throw blanket:

  • Size 70×40 inches (173×107 centimetres)
  • You will need: 6600 yards (6020 meters) of yarn in total
  • Starting chain 146, make 120 rows


You can use any  other yarn weight and color, and      follow the same principles of color changing described in pattern for your own unique blanket.

Yes, this is a “yarn eater” blanket.. But on a bright side, you can use up leftover yarn you’ve got in your stash!

Color Placement Chart:

Hold yarn double.
Ch 83 (128 for crib blanket, 146 for throw blanket).
Row 1: Dc into 7th ch from hook, make a puff st in ch before dc, make ch 1 to tighten the top of the puff st.
*Sk 2 ch, dc into 3rd ch. Make a puff st into ch before dc.
Repeat from * until you reach the end of the row. Dc into last ch.
Row 2: Ch 4, turn.
*Dc into next space between dc and puff st of the previous row. Make a puff st into the space under ch st of the previous row. Ch 1.
Repeat from * until you reach the end of the row.
Dc into ch. Puff st into ch before dc of the previous row. Dc into ch.
Repeat Row 2, until you reach 38 (60, 120) rows for baby blanket (crib blanket, throw blanket).


It took me 3 evenings of watching movies to make this baby blanket. Not too bad I think? It grows quickly, as you are using double yarn.

Full 6 page pattern with a ton of step by step pictures, and step by step tutorial is available for a free download. download now

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  1. how do I make it bigger for me the adult size didn’t come out as wide.. how many stitches to make it even with the pattern?

  2. Oh dear, another on my todo list. I’m not fond of crocheted blankets but this pattern ROCKS. I think my husband needs o e although not pink! Lol. Thanks for sharing this great pattern!!!!

  3. How many skeins of yarn per color does it take? I am new to crochet all the patterns I have seen always say. Only blanket I made started with you tube tutorial. Let’s just say it doesn’t remotely resemble hers. I have to try this pattern it is so pretty! I have hope I will be able to do this. I just have no idea how much yarn i will need, or how to calculate it.

  4. I’m not understanding how to do this. Do I make the puff stitch cover up the double crochet? Can you also post a picture of what the back of the blanket will look like?

  5. Is there a video for this because I dont understand when to do the puff stitch. Very confusing to me.

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